Delta plus variant of Covid-19

Corona or Covid-19 is a word that has become nothing short of a nightmare to people from the past one and half years. The first case of Covid-19 was reported on 7th January 2020 in Wuhan, China. Since then the whole word went remote. Covid -19 is a virus that is transmitted from person to person through touch or droplets of saliva. Viruses generally have the ability to mutate themselves. It has a nature of constantly changing its DNA to emerge as a new dominant variant making it stronger and highly contagious. Till date 160 variants have been sequenced globally The most dominant variant is Delta-Plus (previously known as B. 1.617.2) which is scientifically termed as AY.1 and AY.2; among which AY.1 is predominantly known. This variant was first identified in Europe and it is known as the “variant of concern”. The fatality rate is very high for this variant. This particular variant can transmit at great speed covering larger areas and affects the lung cells. Covid-19 has ruined the daily routine of the people. Countries were badly hit due to low economy, people lost their lives to battle. In India, 55-60 cases have been reported in 11 states. First case was first identified in the month of October, which resulted in the second wave spiking 80% of the new cases in India.

Symptoms are similar to that of Covid-19 but with slight variations. Dry cough, tiredness or fever. Severe cases include shortness of breath and abdominal pain. Throat infection symptom is considered as the major one among the others. But there are various other throat infections that might look like Delta Plus variant infection but maybe flu or pharyngitis which is a condition where it is due to the swelling at the back of the throat. It causes pain or irritation with or without swallowing. There are various factors for a person to get affected by a sore throat, the most common one being flu or any bacterial or viral infection. This condition usually accompanies the symptoms like sneezing, coughing, fatigue, chills, fever, body aches.

Laryngitis is an infection where the voice box or larynx is inflamed and has symptoms similar to pharyngitis. Usually both these infections subside along with infection they are accompanied with. Sore throat alone cannot be considered for the Delta plus variant possibility as the above mentioned conditions can trick your mind. Tonsillitis is also one such condition which is related to the throat.


The only known way to avoid the virus to transmit is isolation. On the onset of any mentioned symptoms it is always recommended to isolate yourself for 14 days even for the slightest of the symptoms. So even if you are not affected by the variant and have the symptoms your immune system is weakened during the time and you are prone to get transmitted. To be medically sure and in case you have been in contact with other people it is always better to get tested.

Delta Plus Isolation Ward

Onset of Symptoms:

The infection is transmitted from person to person at a rapid pace. The variant has mutations in the spike protein named K417N which aids to bind to the ACE-2 receptors present on the human cells making it transmit at a great speed. The symptoms usually show up within a day or two after it is transmitted. It has been demonstrated 40-60% increased transmission in comparison to other variants. Loss of taste and smell continue to be the major symptoms. The virus has great affinity towards mucosal lining in the lungs resulting in difficulty in breathing. The number of people admitted for the delta plus variant has doubled. Oxygen levels are significantly reduced causing severe joint aches and fatigue. In few people the infection may be mild and they may test negative within 6 days of infection. In people whose immunity is low and have respiratory disorders the chances of survival is comparatively low in them.

Precautionary measures:

The only way to avoid being contracted is by staying home. We started with a single mask now we moved on to double mask policy to be extra safe. Sanitize your hands each time you come in contact with any person or surface, as non living objects also transmit the disease. Isolate yourself for 14-21 days to break the transmission chain. Vaccinating as early as possible is the best way to avoid transmission, after vaccination even if you are transmitted the level of infection is milder when compared. Avoid travelling or moving out unless it is very important. Disinfect your home if anyone has recovered from the Delta Plus variant. Consuming vitamin C rich food to boost your immune system. Sanitize all the items that are brought from outside. Immediately consult your doctor even at the slightest symptoms. Maintain a distance of six feet when you are in crowded places. Make sure not to remove your mask when you speak to anybody. Avoid contact with people who have flu-like symptoms.


There is no known treatment to cure the variant. The only way to prevent it is vaccination. There are many vaccines that are available in the market like Covaxin, Covisheild, Sputnik. Choose whichever is available at your nearest health centre and get yourself injected.

Vaccine Effectiveness:

For the preexisting delta variants reports have shown that the available vaccines are able to prevent hospitalization and fatality.

Coronavirus Vaccination


To summarize, the variant cannot be eliminated at the given situations as the virus is rapidly mutating and finding a one stop solution is challenging. Every country is taking necessary corona precautions to help avoid the transmission. As people are concerned and worried regarding the virus spread. Panic does not help as it creates tension in your body and makes you fall sick. A positive outlook and determination aids in overcoming the infection. People should take responsibility for staying safe and ensuring social distance at all places. The unvaccinated people are the most vulnerable to the infection as they do not carry any antibodies in them. Stay home, Stay Safe and Get Vaccinated is the only agenda to fight this novel coronavirus. We at Treat Pa provide medical insurance assistance and also coordinate in mediclaim based on your requirements.

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