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As human civilizations began to spring up many thousand years ago, Man’s innate empathy began obtaining layers of thought and scientific temper. Man has always been a social creature, and across thousands of years, his need — and sometimes desire — to be out there, solving puzzles, problems, and everything under the sky has grown. It still does grow.

It is why millennia of existence later, we still find ways to make problems like surgery, as hassle-free as they can be. Well, Treat Pa does so, at least. Silently, we are at the forefront of one of the facets of civilization? Perhaps. 

A hallmark of civilization is the sense of being organized that it has. The paleolithic humans weren’t stagnant even if they appeared to be so to our 21st-century eyes. They kept moving ever so close to civilization as we know it, generationally. The paleolithic humans eventually lived on to see the Neolithic age, and it is called so because they became so much better at crafting stone tools that, with stones alone, they could really think about rivers, of agriculture near them, and of a purpose that sang about settling down by said rivers and their banks.

Soon, stones gave way to craftsmanship with metals, and around that time, the first major civilizations sprang up, from Egypt’s Nile to the Indian Indus river. In the drive of the people of that time to be organized, what was once a species that had 50 to 80 of them in one group/tribe, became a species that built entire cities that accommodate hundreds and thousands of fellow members of the species. The human race was finally at the cusp of greatness it was always destined to, but along with it came increased and sometimes logistically difficult responsibilities to care for one another. People that needed the highest amount of care were the young, old, and the sick. Mankind found a way to keep them as well as they can be: by finding lifestyle and dietary changes that can be applied to everyone’s everyday life. Still, those who were down with sickness and needed medical intervention began getting early forms of surgery done, and for thousands of years since, human beings’ penchant for medical betterment has been a metaphoric unquenchable thirst.

The knife even back when it was made from stone, has been a weapon with a threatening aura. In the right hands, such as that of a surgeon, however, it has also been a miracle tool. Despite the knowledge of the latter, human beings then and now have been consistent at one thing: exhibiting a fear for a knife on them — even if it is on them for their own good, even if it is on them for them to undergo surgical procedures.

This is where Treat Pa comes in. Knife or not, surgeries have always been perceived to be a hassle to the average person. Getting a surgery done involves many factors, and Treat Pa exists to take into consideration all these factors and to get every one of your surgeries to be a hassle-free experience. What is Treat Pa, and how do we do what we promise to do? Curious to know? Read on, dear reader.

Hassle-free surgery Through Treat Pa

What is Treat Pa?

Since you are already on our site, we could guess that you may have an idea as to what Treat Pa is and what it is that we do. But in the event of you not knowing the answer to the questions, allow us to paint the questions with answers. 

Treat Pa is a healthcare startup. We began with many goals, and one of them is partnering with top clinics across India, and partnering with such clinics alone. As of this date, Treat Pa has partnered with reputed clinics and hospitals in 7 major Indian cities.

Where is Treat Pa?

Treat Pa exists in a full-fledged form in many major Indian cities — 7 to be precise. We can be found in the following cities:

  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Coimbatore
  • Trichy
  • Madurai
  • Cochin
  • Trivandrum

What do we do?

If a patient approaches us, they get connected to the best and the most affordable treatment according to their individual requirements. 

Does Treat Pa own and run any clinics?

Well, no. Not really. You should keep in mind that Treat Pa doesn’t — and never quite intended to — own or run any hospital. Treat Pa does not provide direct treatment, either. You need to understand what Treat Pa actually does to understand exactly what it is that we do.

So, what is Treat Pa?

The simple answer is that Treat Pa that partners with the best hospitals and clinics and provides, in seven major Indian cities,  the list of these top hospitals to each patient to carefully compare and select the best out of the lot, based on their needs. The determination is based on factors like distance, costing, and reliability. 

Treat Pa cautiously prepares this list, and only if a hospital passes our checklist in flying colors, will we ever recommend it to our customers; our patients. Based on what our patients need, and if what they need is surgery, we make it a point to give them a hassle-free surgical experience that will work properly, well inside their budget. To provide the best treatment from the best hospitals, handled by the best of doctors is why we exist. 

What do we mean by a hassle-free surgical experience?

Think of all the troubles you go through before any surgery. The troubles start, in fact, just after you personally realize that something just isn’t working right, the way it should inside your body. When an illness begins eating away the peace you cherish inside of you, all you can think about is that which is gnawing away at your health. You begin to look for solutions. “Ah, I must go to a hospital”, you mutter to yourself. 

And then you stop. Then you freeze. You see, unlike in our paleolithic days when a tribe’s healer would pluck a few herbs, mash them together, and paste them on or inside you, hoping that it works, thousands of years later, we live in a highly industrialized, capitalistic world. There are pros and cons to where we are as a collective society now, of course, but a con is that the medical industry is a massive one, and in it, just as is the case with all other places, are questionable players. At least the former can come across as apparently bad, but those that are mediocre can lull you into a false sense of safety. “Yes, thank goodness I can get cured now”, you might think but chances are that you just won’t be cured there. This is a hassle. This problem of being unable to find the right hospital or clinic for treatment is a hassle. 

What do you do when there’s an issue of health you’re facing? You go to a relevant doctor. What if you cannot find that doctor? You approach someone who knows who that doctor could be.  Who could that someone be? In case you haven’t already guessed it, it’s us, Treat Pa, of course.

Since we live in a world where the good and the bad can all look the same, we need hospital aggregators to help guide people to the right hospitals. We need great ones at that.

We need Treat Pa.

Best Surgery Experience Through Treat Pa

What else do we mean by a hassle-free surgery experience?

With more than 150 clinics in our spectacularly high-quality network of doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and clinics, Treat Pa, has in addition to this, 100+ in-house super-specialty surgeons. But you already have an idea about this, don’t you?

Good. It is prudent to know about Treat Pa’s services if you need to know for sure if you’re heading in the right direction as far as your treatment goes. Proctology, laparoscopy, urology, ENT, gynecology, vascular, aesthetics, orthopedics, ophthalmology, Female infertility are some of the realms of diseases we deal with.

How do we ensure that you get a hassle-free surgery experience?

The thought of undergoing surgery is still an uneasy proposition to many. To make patients like you feel ass less hassle as you possibly can, we ensure that the following is followed in a meticulous manner:

  • Patient concierge: After surgery, and obviously during it, lucidity isn’t often present in a patient. But regardless of whether a patient is lucid in their thoughts or not, Treat Pa arranges free pickup & drop services from their location to the hospital where their surgery is to take place. 
  • Awesome medical coordinators: Our medical coordinators are simply awesome, as kids these days say. Because the entirety of your admission and discharge is taken care of by our professional staff.
  •  Insurance is taken care of: Because it is a hassle to deal with insurance paperwork during the time of surgery, our medical coordinators make it a point that you never have to worry about your insurance work. You rest, get treated, and recover. Treat Pa takes care of everything else.  
  • Well-inspected surgical centers: Because at Treat Pa we strive for nothing but one hundred percent quality, we ensure that all surgical centers and clinics we partner with are inspected well and pass our extensive quality standards checklist. Of course, it goes without saying that we make it a point to ensure that the hospitals in our medical network are equipped with the best of advanced technology. Why? To deliver a hassle-free treatment experience, of course. 
  • Free postoperative follow-ups: No. Our services do not abruptly end at the end of your surgery. As someone who’s had surgery done on, you would require follow-ups. With the hospitals and clinics that we partner with, you can — and, we must say — make use of the free follow-up consultation we offer. With this, you recover faster than you would otherwise, and move forward, breathe, and live the full life that you deserve to experience. 
  • Privacy matters: We believe in ensuring our patients — you — have their privacy secure.  With Treat Pa, you can be 100% confident that your information is kept highly confidential. 

Still have queries? Worry not.  Contact us, and soon, find yourself getting the best treatment you can imagine. 


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