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Today, finding the right treatment can seem complicated because of numerous reasons like choosing the right hospital, the quality of treatment at said hospital, whether they have experienced doctors, affordable treatment options, etc. Soon, this will change thanks to advancements made in technology and digital healthcare facilities.

Currently, plenty of listing websites exist that can help a person find a specialist or specialty hospital and clinics for specific treatments. Any person could determine the quality of service or care offered at a specialty hospital based on their reviews from real people. But, there are not many platforms that offer a complete solution that ensures a hassle-free surgery or treatment.

It would be great if a platform or service offered services like:

  • Treatment customized to the individual’s requirement.
  • Finding the right treatment centers, hospitals, or clinics that are reputed and nearby.
  • Choosing the best doctor to perform a specialty surgery.
  • A concierge that takes care of all the paperwork and formalities at the treatment center
  • Free follow-up consultation post-surgery.

Difficulties such as getting paperwork done fast at a hospital, or getting the right treatment at an affordable price, and being treated by experienced doctors, are faced by millions trying to get the best healthcare. Treat Pa lets people access the best medical facilities and treatments based on their requirements.

This article will help you understand how Treat Pa helps people find the right hospitals, best treatments or clinics nearby.

Best hospitals and clinics in india

What is Treat Pa?

Treat Pa provides a complete solution for day-care procedures, surgeries, and treatments. Treat Pa has partnered with the best hospitals and clinics in 7 cities across South India. If one happens to be in South India’s 7 major cities (Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Cochin, Madurai, Trichy, and Trivandrum), Treat Pa can help you find the best treatment at an affordable rate based on the proximity of a hospital or clinic from your location, your budget, if insurance is covered, etc.

Treat Pa helps individuals find the best medical treatment and can provide immediate medical attention to ease their suffering early on instead of letting them postpone surgery until they can’t ignore the issue any longer. Treat Pa intends to simplify the journey of a patient, the goal is to ensure each patient that walks through a hospital’s door with us receives the best treatment without a single cause for worry.

Treat Pa also provides patients with

  • 0% EMI
  • Upto 40% off on diagnostics
  • Upto 50% off on treatment costs
  • Upto 15% off on medicine

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Treat Pa provides a medical coordinator

Treat Pa provides each person with a medical coordinator who is responsible for their hassle-free surgical experience. Initially, a doctor’s appointment is scheduled with the doctor of your choice. After the consultation, the doctor will either recommend surgery if needed or advise you on treating your issue at home. The medical coordinator will ensure you find and choose a top hospital or clinic with a highly experienced doctor or surgeon near you if surgery is required.

Once you choose a hospital from a list of reputable clinics and hospitals nearby, our medical coordinator will set up a pick-up/drop facility and also take care of the insurance paperwork. The partnered hospital or clinic you go to will focus on ensuring you get the best surgical experience.

Customizing your surgery experience with Treat Pa

Let us take you through a patient’s journey at Treat Pa:

  • First, we assign a medical coordinator for you and begin by setting up an initial consultation. Based on the doctor’s recommendation, we will wish you a quick recovery if treatment at home works. But, if surgery is required, Treat Pa will help you find the most affordable and best treatment at a hospital or clinic nearby.
  • Once you find and choose a hospital or clinic that meets all the requirements(budget, proximity from home, specialist doctor’s experience, etc), we make all the arrangements on your behalf at the hospital or clinic of your choice. We make it so simple that your only focus should be on complete recovery.
  • The medical coordinator will make all your arrangements at the hospital or clinic, the travel arrangements(from home to the hospital or clinic and also take you back home after the procedure is completed), and also take care of all the insurance and paperwork at the hospital.
  • Treat Pa sets you up in a single room, fully equipped with everything one would need, while the medical coordinator takes care of all the formalities. A series of initial tests are done prior to surgery. Once you are ready to undergo surgery, the doctor will take you to the operation theatre to perform the surgery.
  • Most procedures are completed within the same day, and you can leave soon after unless advised by the doctor to be monitored for more than a day. The medical coordinator will be right by your side to ensure that you are well-taken care off. While being discharged, the medical coordinator will complete all the formalities before discharge.
  • When you get to the hospital’s entrance, a car will be waiting outside to take you home. Once you arrive at home, the medical coordinator will perform a final check to make sure you are doing great and were comfortable throughout the surgery experience.
  • Treat Pa also makes arrangements for a free post-surgery consultation to check on your health after the surgery. At this point, we are sure that you are on the path to living a more comfortable life. We then bid goodbye and wish you the very best!

Treat Pa is here to serve

Treat Pa is available across 7 major cities in South India. Treat Pa does not provide treatment or has any hospital or clinic of its own. Treat Pa has partnered with the best hospitals and clinics and provides a carefully prepared list for each person to carefully compare and select the best hospital or clinic out of it based on the proximity, affordability, and reliability. Treat Pa is driven to ensure you experience a hassle-free surgery or treatment that works within your budget.

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