Treatment for Varicocele

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Varicocele Symptoms and Treatment
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What is Varicocele & what are its types?

Varicocele is a medical condition commonly observed in adult males wherein the veins on the scrotum enlarge and swell. This type of varicose vein is quite like the varicose veins observed in the leg. The primary result of Varicocele is a low sperm count and reduced sperm quality, although not all men having Varicocele observe any problems with the production of the sperm. In patients aged 50 and up, a link between varicose veins and varicocele has been shown, and the doctor will advise the patient to undergo varicose veins treatment as well. Varicocele can also prevent the normal development of testicles and may even, in some cases, cause them to shrink.

There are primarily two types of Varicocele. These are:

  • Pressure type. This is the type of Varicocele wherein the spermatic veins also fill up with the blood. This type of Varicocele results in grade I Varicocele

  • Shunt type. The shunt type Varicocele is caused due to severe build-up, which can eventually damage the spermatic vein leading to grade II or grade III Varicocele.

  • In addition to this, the left side testicle may not experience any decrease in sperm production rate in comparison to the right. Even one side of the testicle would severely affect both testicles regarding sperm production.

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    About Varicocele

    Varicocele can clinically occur in three stages.

    Stage I :   Varicoceles are small and can be identified only during palpation and Colour Doppler Ultrasound.

    Stage 2 :   The Varicoceles also characteristically palpate under resting conditions.

    Stage 3 :  The development of large Varicoceles is easily visible even when the patient is at rest.

    While the specific causes for Varicocele have not been particularly determined, many experts believe that:

    1. Valves inside the veins of the spermatic cord prevent proper blood flow.
    2. Improper blood flow results in dilation or widening of the veins.
    3. Damaged veins result in male infertility.

    There are various symptoms of Varicocele. The varicocele doctor would help identify the varicocele symptoms and treatment assigned thereafter. Some of the prominent symptoms are:

    1. Sharp or dull discomfort
    2. Worsen when standing for long hours.
    3. It can worsen as the day progresses.
    4. Impaired fertility
    5. Feeling of relief when you lie back.
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    What is The Treatment For Varicocele?

    Treatment for a Varicocele may not be required in most cases. The doctor analyses how to treat varicocele based on the symptoms. But in certain cases, wherein the Varicocele leads to pain, infertility, or testicular atrophy, you may have to consider repair of the Varicocele. This is primarily performed surgically. The treatment methods include:

    1. Open surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon operates the vein through the groin or the abdomen. The surgeon visualizes the affected vein using a microscope. Medical advances have helped reduce post-surgery complications, hereby improving recovery. 
    2. Percutaneous embolization. Embolization is a procedure used to cure Varicose and in certain cases can also be used in treatment for male infertility. In this procedure, the radiologist inserts a tube into the vein through the groin, which releases a chemical that leads to the testicular vein scarring, thereby repairing the Varicocele.
    3. Laparoscopic surgery. In this medical procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the abdomen to repair the Varicocele.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Varicocele is known to be closely associated with male infertility as aside from the reduced sperm count and sperm quality, Varicocele severely affects spermatogenesis and the production of testosterone in the body.
    A Varicocele and a hydrocele are two different medical conditions. Varicocele is a vascular condition wherein the veins of the scrotum enlarge and swell due to damaged valves. A hydrocele, on the contrary, is a condition wherein the fluid accumulates in the scrotal sac resulting in the pushing asides of the testes.
    After the surgery, you must avoid lifting weights and avoiding any activity involving pressure on the groin. You may also wear a jockstrap to provide your scrotum proper support during the recovery period.
    A laparoscopic varicocelectomy is one of the safest surgical procedures that one can have. The laparoscopic varicocelectomy's success rate is a hundred percent and offers an added advantage of a speedy recovery to the patients. Our partnered hospitals make the varicocele operation costs affordable to all.
    Unfortunately, no. currently, no drugs or medication can help in the cure of Varicocele. Drugs only help reduce or control the symptoms. Only surgically can the condition of Varicocele be resolved.
    It is not advisable to leave Varicocele untreated as, with time, these can aggravate and become severe. In addition to this, this can severely affect male fertility aside from the proper functioning of the testicles.
    The varicocele surgery recovery time is short with a speedy recovery. For a short period of time, your groin may feel sore and may experience pain. This would reduce in three to four weeks. Despite this, depending on your occupation, you should be able to return to your job two to three days post-surgery.
    Catheter-directed embolization is a minimally invasive and non-surgical approach to treat Varicocele. The doctor uses a catheter and inserts it into the vascular system. This is a two-hour outpatient procedure.
    Although a rare event, a Varicocele can rupture due to a sudden increase in abdominal pressure. This increases the venous pressure leading to the rupture of the Varicocele. This is also sometimes referred to as an acute scrotal hematoma.
    In most cases, Varicocele does not cause any symptoms or pain. You must consult with the varicocele doctor if you experience pain or swelling in your scrotum. You can visit our website and contact our team at Treat Pa. The team would connect back with you on the nearest and best varicocele surgery hospital providing the best varicocele treatment and the appropriate doctor for consultation.


    Varicocele is a condition characterized by the enlargement of the pampiniform plexus veins of the scrotum. These resemble the varicose veins observed in the legs and appear twisted, swollen, and bulging. Varicoceles generally form during puberty and increase in size with time. Varicocele is also observed to be more common to the left side of the scrotum than the right, even though in certain rare cases, Varicocele can exist on both sides of the scrotum. 

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