Laser Anal fistula surgery

An anal fistula is an unusual tunnel that develops in the anal region and the skin surrounding the anus. It is usually developed due to an infection in the anal area that forms a collection of pus. To drain the pus it forms a tunnel from inside. This can cause a series of uncomfortable signs. 

Signs of anal fistula include:

  • Irritation around the skin that covers the anus
  • Persistent pain that worsens especially while passing the bowels, while sitting, or even coughing
  • Foul discharge from the anus 
  • Pus or blood discharge while passing the bowels
  • Swelling or irritation in the anus. 
  • Losing control over the bowel movements
  • The fistula may be visible to you as a hole near your anus. 

Causes of anal fistula:

  • The majority of the anal fistulas are caused after anal drainage. When the drainage does not completely heal this can lead to an anal fistula. Other uncommon reasons that can cause a fistula are:
  • Crohn’s disease: It is a prolonged disease where the digestive system gets inflamed.
  • Diverticulitis: The infection caused by the small pouches of the large intestine that sticks out the intestine. 
  • Hidradenitis suppurativa: It is a prolonged skin condition that causes draining and scarring.

Laser Anal Surgery:

Lasers are becoming utilized an ever-increasing number of the time in different surgeries as a less intrusive choice. One novel strategy that can be utilized as a possibility for fistula laser treatment is the FiLaC (Fistula Laser Closing) method. This includes utilizing a laser fiber to seal the fistula.

Why is the procedure performed?

The FiLaC procedure is utilized to close anal – tunnels that can be created from the finish of the inside to the skin close to the rear-end. Anal fistulas are typically caused when an anal boil is depleted of discharge, abandoning a vacant channel, despite the fact that they can likewise be inconveniences of Crohn’s illness, diverticulitis, infections like tuberculosis or HIV, or entanglements of medical procedure around there.

Anal fistulas can cause torment and bother and may release a noxious release. Victims might track down blood and discharge in their stools, and at times they might experience issues controlling their bowels. Fistula operation cost can depend on various factors.

This dangerous condition might be treated by various careful choices, going from cutting the fistula open so it mends as a scar (fistulotomy) to obstructing it with extraordinary paste or a cone-shaped plug. Every system conveys its own benefits and set of dangers, and there is little agreement on which, assuming any, is the most ideal choice for the normal patient.

The upside of utilizing a laser is that it is less intrusive and makes insignificant harm to the sphincter muscle, diminishing the danger of incontinence after the technique. Notwithstanding, the danger of the fistula repeating is higher than for a portion of different medicines.

The treatment of fistula is difficult as the disease is deep. Lately, two new techniques have been used to treat this medical issue which is video helped therapy and laser removal. The video helped treat a video scope and a test is embedded to have an unmistakable clear line of sight of the condition and treat it. Laser removal is a comparative methodology that utilizes laser bars to annihilate and clear out the fistula. Fistula laser conclusion or normally known as FLAC is the system for the anal fistula treatment. Here, specialists focus on the conclusion of the track by utilizing laser energy that is discharged by a spiral fiber that is associated with a diode laser. This makes the tissue shrivel around the spiral fiber that would bring about shutting the track. Here, by and large, the patient would be given sedation and the medical procedure is managed without significant cuts and wounds. 

Preparation for the procedure:

Some preparation might be required before the FiLaC methodology, including a rectal purification one day before the activity to set up the entrail for a medical procedure, and setting up the actual fistula. This might include examining the fistula with a catheter, cleaning it with saline, and playing out resection of the inside opening, setting my mucosal fold set up. You can choose your proctologist by searching fistula doctors near me on the internet. 


Patients are for the most part kept in the emergency clinic for a few days after the system, while their PCPs screen their recuperating interaction. Likewise, with different medicines for anal, it is plausible that fistula laser shutting will come up short and the fistula will resume, in which case different choices could be suggested by the specialist. 

Other techniques involved in treating anal fistula:

Fistulotomy: the most widely recognized and ostensibly best treatment. Notwithstanding, assuming the fistula goes through the anal sphincter muscles, extracting it with a fistulotomy could leave them harmed and leave the patient incapable to control solid discharges.

Seton strategies: utilizing careful string to hold the fistula open to allow it to deplete and urge it to recuperate itself, without the need to cut into the anal sphincter muscles.

Advanced flap methodology: like FiLluP, yet utilizing customary careful devices to remove or scratch the fistula rather than a laser. A fold of tissue taken from the rectum is utilized to close the opening.

Bioprosthetic plug: a cone-formed attachment produced using creature tissue is utilized to hinder the inward opening of the fistula. Decent right now suggests going through this technique as a component of clinical examination, as more information is required with respect to its adequacy. Laser treatment for fistula and is generally recommended by the specialist for a quick and speedy recovery.

Fibrin stick: the main non-careful choice, this exceptional paste assists with fixing and mending the fistula.

Laser treatments have become quite popular in recent times, due to the high success and quick recovery they have become the most widely accepted procedures. Few benefits of laser treatment include:

  • Practically effortless
  • Recovery time taken is extremely less
  • Generally present day and latest treatment technique
  • Guarantee not to damage the surrounding tissue
  • Negligible draining during and after a medical procedure
  • Least possibility of sphincter damage(which can cause loss of control of stools)
  • Quick and fast recovery time
  • Although fistula laser treatment cost is comparatively high, it is proposed by most specialists as it is not difficult to do and the patient’s recovery is quick and with the least inconveniences.


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