Best Gynaecology Treatment In Bangalore

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Gynaecology Treatments In Bangalore
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Though the internet has all the answers today, it is difficult to answer your medical queries without expert opinion and thorough check-ups. Treat Pa understands your reproductive health concern, which is why we provide you with a dedicated medical coordinator who will assist you in finding the top Gynecology clinics in Bangalore.

Women's reproductive health is a significant concern, so finding answers to your queries from anyone will not do justice to your body. Thus, contact Treat Pa today for the finest help in locating the best women's fertility hospital in Bangalore to resolve your medical issues. Whether you are suffering from female genital problems, irregular periods, PCOD, or PCOS, we will help you find you find a specialist.

You will be more comfortable sharing your concerns with an experienced doctor. Most people are unaware of their reproductive health, so you go to the best gynecology hospital in Bangalore if you face any issues.

Today, the most significant trouble people face is selecting the right medical specialty. Thus, to abridge this concern, Treat Pa comes as a rescuer. Our medical coordinator team will assist you in finding and selecting the best hospitals and the right specialty to meet your medical concerns.

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Top Gynaecology Treatments in Bangalore

Here are some of our Gynaecology Treatments at our partnered hospitals and clinics in Bangalore


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Our healthcare co-ordinator will recommend the surgical center based on your requirements (the complexity of your problem, cost-effectiveness, location where you're present)

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Patient Concierge

We offer pick-up & drop from your location to the hospital along with the medical co-ordinator who'll take care of your admission, discharge & insurance paperwork.

Well inspected surgical centers and clinics

Well-inspected Surgical Centers

We ensure that all the surgical centers and clinics we partner with are well-inspected and pass our extensive quality standard checklist that ensures hospitals and clinics are equipped to deliver a hassle-free treatment experience.

Free follow up consultation

Free follow-ups post-surgery

Before we bid our goodbyes, we recommend our patients utilize the free follow-up consultation with their doctor for instructions on how to recover faster post-surgery and move forward with their daily routine.

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100% Confidential

We strongly believe in ensuring our patient's privacy. One can be extra sure that your experience with us remains 100% Confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Gynaecologist is a doctor who specialized in women's reproductive health. A Gynaecology specialist diagnoses and treats health issues about the female reproductive system. These issues include menstruation or period-related issues, fertility and pregnancy, contraception, cervical health, sexually transmitted infections, menopause, and health problems like PCOS/PCOD and endometriosis.
Pediatric Gynaecologists care for newborn baby girls with any genital anomaly, female children with genital infections, adolescent and teenage girls with Gynecologic health issues. These health issues include unusual, irregular or difficult periods, genital infections, pelvic pain, STDs and birth control education, etc. Treat Pa will help you find the right specialist in Bangalore. Thus a Paediatric Gynaecologist can give treatment for medical and surgical problems, ranging from an ovarian cyst in a newborn to puberty issues in adolescence.
Many women have their first Gynaecologist visit around their early teens. A girl should have her first visit to a Gynaecologist, at 13 to 15 years. You should take your daughter to a Gynaecologist, irrespective of whether she has started her periods and is/not sexually active.
The most common signs and symptoms are Painful and heavy periods Irregular periods Sharp pain in the lower back Pain and discomfort in the pelvic area and the lower abdomen Frequent urination or urgent need to urinate Any discomfort, pain, burning, or itching in and around the genital area Pain during sexual intercourse Not able to conceive or infertility Miscarriages
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a gynecologic health problem that is common in young and middle-aged women of child-bearing capacity. Symptoms of PCOS include irregular, infrequent, missed, or prolonged periods and weight gain. Other symptoms include excess facial and body hair because of high levels of male hormones and in few occasions, acne and hair loss. PCOS may cause infertility and is a treatable condition.
A normal period cycle is of 21 to 35 days that last somewhere from a few days to a week. During this period, your uterus sheds its lining, and light to heavy period flow is normal. Abnormal bleeding is bleeding between your monthly periods, extremely heavy periods, and prolonged bleeding. The causes of abnormal bleeding are hormonal issues or changes, fibroids, cancer, or early pregnancy.
Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus, in ovaries, fallopian tubes and even the intestines. Symptoms of endometriosis are painful periods that interfere with your regular activities (dysmenorrhea), pelvic pain and cramps before and during periods, pain during intercourse, pain during urination and bowel movements and irregular periods. The treatment of endometriosis varies as per the symptoms and the magnitude of the disease. The treatment includes hormonal treatment, electrosurgery and laparoscopic surgery.
Pain after a Gynaecological surgery or operation is normal and expected. The intensity and severity of the pain will depend on the type of surgery performed. But the good news is, as you heal, the pain will minimize with time. Your doctors will give you pain medications to manage the pain after your surgery.
Gynaecology deals with women's medical and health issues related to the female reproductive system. While obstetrics is prenatal care, pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care. A Gynaecologist diagnoses and treats issues related to the female reproductive system like vaginal infections, period problems, infertility, etc. while an obstetrician delivers babies through normal delivery (vaginal birth) or caesarean section. Since these two fields, gynaecology and obstetrics have a close relation, many medical practitioners will study both fields and will provide both Gynaecology and Obstetrics care.
To deliver a baby to another hospital, your Gynaecologist resident or attending needs to have assisting privileges to the particular hospital. It means, if a particular hospital permits your doctor for the procedure, then only he or she can deliver your baby, else they cannot.
With so many medical specialities around, finding the best Gynaecology hospital in Bangalore has become challenging. Thus, Treat Pa helps to take the burden of the hospital hunt off your shoulder. Our medical coordinator team will assist you in finding the best Gynaecology specialist for normal delivery in Bangalore.
Delivery carries several risks, thus to avoid complications, most doctors prefer a c-section. This procedure is selected based on complications of congenitalor congenital disabilities such as congenital heart disease, fluid in the brain, multiple deliveries, PCOD, etc. Thus, with the help of cesarean delivery, such kinds of risks could be reduced.


Best Gynaecology Specialist in Bangalore

Medical health is a serious concern and taking care of your reproductive health tops the list. It is the reason you need to take medical assistance from the best gynecologist in Bangalore. You will be more comfortable sharing your concerns with an experienced doctor. Most people are unaware of their reproductive health, so you go to the best gynecology hospital in Bangalore if you face any issues.

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Know more about Treat Pa?

Treat Pa is a healthcare startup that has partnered with reputed clinics and hospitals in 8 major cities Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Coimbatore Trichy Madurai Cochin and Trivandrum. We connect patients with the best and the affordable treatment plan based on their requirements.

Treat Pa neither provides any treatment nor has any hospitals or clinics of its own. We are a hospital aggregator that partners with the best hospitals and clinics and provides the list to each patient to carefully compare and select the best out of it based on their needs (Proximity, Affordability, Reliability).

This list is cautiously prepared by Treat Pa. We recommend the hospitals and clinics that only pass our checklist. Based on the patient's needs, Treat Pa is driven to make sure you have a hassle-free surgical experience that will work within your budget.

We at Treat Pa also provide free concierge services and a post-surgery consultation.

Connect with us to know more about our services and best offers.

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