Advanced Pilonidal Sinus Surgery in Chennai

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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Chennai
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Best Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Chennai

Get rid of the pilonidal cyst with the best treatment for pilonidal cyst in Chennai. No cut. No risks. No recurrence. No incision. This laser-assisted surgery is completely painless and is a one-day procedure. You can resume work in 1-2 days after the procedure. Laser method has also proven to be the fissure treatment in Chennai

Types of Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus is a type of cyst that you may get at the bottom of your coccyx (tailbone). A pilonidal cyst may be acute or chronic. Chronic cysts can lead to abscesses (infection) and sinus cavities (empty spaces behind the skin). When filled with pus, it becomes infected. The infected form is known as “pilonidal abscess” and it is painful. It is seen more in men than women and occurs at a very young age. In terms of appearances, it looks like a large pimple but it can have different shapes and sizes.

A pilonidal cyst or sinus contains hair, dirt, or debris. It can be extremely painful, especially while sitting. Pilonidal sinus occurs as a result of skin infection and has ingrown hair inside. If not treated at the right time, it can become worse and unmanageable. They are more found in people who keep sitting for long hours.

The 2 categories of pilonidal cysts include acquired and congenital.

  • Acquired cysts occur as the result of ingrown hairs.

  • Congenital pilonidal sinus is a result of a defect at the time of birth. The most common reason why they occur is because of loose hairs pressing into the skin.
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    About Pilonidal Sinus

    You are at increased risk of having pilonidal sinus if you 

    Have put on weight

    • Have thick, dense hair in your body
    • Have a family history with a pilonidal cyst
    • Wear tight clothing near the tailbone area
    • Have birth pit near the tailbone region
    • People at a young age (20s)
    • Male sex
    • Have poor hygiene
    • Are lazy, inactive
    • Hereditary plays a major role in developing pilonidal cysts. 
    • Wearing compact clothing
    • Being overweight
    • Sitting for prolonged hours
    • Thick, loose hairs
    • Spend the entire day sitting in the same position
    • Foul-smelling pus, oily discharge
    • Red, swollen bump at the site of the cyst
    • Blood from the pus
    • Pain while sitting and standing
    • Coarse hair hanging out 
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    Best Treatment For Pilonidal Cyst

    The advanced laser-assisted procedure is helpful and effective than any other conventional method. Pilonidal cyst laser treatment uses laser radial fiber to remove the sinus. First things first, the tract is cleaned from any infected tissue. This is done via scooping/cleaning. A laser beam of light is then transferred to ablate the close the wound. The laser fiber destroys the epithelium and sinus tract through the shrinkage effect. The tract is destroyed to a high degree whereas the epithelialized tissue is obliterated in a controlled way. This also aids in the healing process. 

    Unlike traditional surgical methods, laser treatment for pilonidal sinus does not involve any incisions or opening of the sinus tract. It is a minimally invasive procedure with no major cuts, sutures, or blood. This laser surgery is painless and scarless and takes about 30-40 minutes. Since it’s a single-day procedure, you will get discharged the same day comfortably after the treatment. 


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we can help you compare the best pilonidal sinus treatment cost amongst our top-rated network of partnered Pilonidal surgery hospitals and clinics. Based on the comparison, you can select the pilonidal sinus treatment cost that suits you. Our medical assistant will also guide you with the best pilonidal dimple treatment that suits your needs.
    Patients usually get recovered in 24-48 hours. You can resume normal activities post-surgery. The procedure is quite simple and convenient and the chances of recurrence are nil. However, this could vary from patient to patient. Our network of surgeons serves each patient individually and provides the best recommendation.
    You are risk increases if the infection starts getting worse with more redness, inflammation, and pain. Also, if there are consistent blood and pus discharge, chances are that the infection is spreading. You also get a high temperature. At this stage, all you need is pilonidal laser surgery to cure the wound completely.
    Yes, all insurance is covered. Our medical staff will take care of your insurance paperwork so you can specifically focus on your treatment. Right from filling the form to processing your claims, we do it all. Any kind of assistance related to an insurance claim is provided by Treat Pa.
    Pilonidal sinus antibiotic treatment can heal the inflammation, swelling, and redness, however, they cannot treat the wound completely. In case piles have transformed into a critical stage that requires surgery, we will connect you with one of our partnered pilonidal sinus hospitals for the pilonidal cyst laser treatment.
    To prevent getting pilonidal cysts in the future, you should keep washing the infected region. Keep it clean and pat dry. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Walk, run, jog or practice yoga for at least 30 min daily. Try not sitting excessively at the same place. Clean excess hair around the buttock.
    Our medical coordinators will speak to you, understand your requirements and connect you with our top network of pilonidal sinus hospitals. You can compare the price based on your budget and select the hospital that suits your needs.
    Yes. On the day of your pilonidal surgery, we will pick you up directly from your home and once the treatment is done, we will also drop back. Our medical coordinator will get along with you so that you do not face any issues. We ensure that you have an uncomplicated treatment experience.
    Doctors examine that it occurs due to the inherited structure of buttocks and natal ridge, the kind of hair and bent to blocked hair follicles. A lot of people also have ingrown hair running in their family and they are the ones at risk of developing pilonidal sinus.
    It feels like lumps as minute as a pea or as huge as a ball, depending on the size. It moves on pressing and usually hurts. Not every condition of pilonidal involves a cyst, some people have a hard sinus and the infection is too deep to be observed or felt.
    Pilonidal sinus surgery cost in Chennai starts from INR 7,000 and can go as high as INR 50,000 based on other expenses like admission fee, hospital type, diagnostic tests, the type of care you opted for, the severity of the condition and so on. Other factors, like the patient’s age and past medical history, also play a vital role.
    A board-certified, trained and skilled surgeon who has previously performed laser pilonidal sinus surgery is the right person. Our medical coordinator can assist you and let you select the doctors and surgeons based on your needs. We also let you compare rates between different laser pilonidal hospitals and finalize the right one.
    The major benefit is that the treatment is pain-free, aids comfort and delivers quick recovery. Apart from it, laser for pilonidal sinus in Chennai is a day-care procedure. Any kind of infection, sore and abscess can be treated with this procedure. There are no side-effects to the surgery; hence, patients generally prefer it.


    Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus


    Pilonidal sinus is diagnosed via a physical examination. The cyst looks like a lump or abscess at the ridge of the buttocks. A blood test helps detect the actual cause.


    If you are looking for the best treatment for pilonidal sinus in Chennai, you should consider the painless laser treatment. This non-invasive procedure has a higher success rate and is relatively quick to perform. Pilonidal sinus treatment Chennai aims at removing the cyst completely so it does not reoccur. This painless procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. Thus, leaving patients with comfort and quick recovery!

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