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Recurrent Tonsillitis Treatment In Chennai
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What is Tonsillitis & what are its types?

Tonsillitis is referred to as the infection of the tonsils, which are the pair of padded tissues at the back of the throat. Therefore, while in most cases, the tonsils help act as filters for the external micro-organisms that may cause an infection and prevent one by the generation of antibodies, in many cases these filters get affected by these external micro-organisms themselves. The infection causes them to swell and be inflamed. This thereby results in enlarged tonsils in adults. The treatment requires an ENT treatment and Treat Pa will fetch you the best ENT specialist in Chennai.

There are three types of tonsillitis. These are:

  • Acute tonsillitis. This is one wherein the symptoms usually last three to four days and may even last about two weeks. Acute tonsillitis treatment involves minimal medication and with proper care can go off on its own as well.

  • Recurrent tonsillitis. This is the type of tonsillitis wherein you may have the inflamed tonsils several times in a year.

  • Chronic tonsillitis. This is the category of tonsillitis wherein you have a long-term inflamed and infected pair of tonsils.
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    About Tonsillitis

    Tonsillitis is most common among children aged five to fifteen. There are only a few stages to tonsilitis, such as:

    1. Preliminary stage. This stage encompasses the start of the infection, wherein you might feel irritation and difficulty swallowing.
    2. Infection stage. The preliminary stage quickly advances to this stage wherein the tonsils inflame and turn red, making it difficult to speak.
    3. Advanced stage. In this stage of tonsillitis, you can have a fever and headache. 

    In general, tonsillitis is caused by a virus and, in certain cases, bacteria as well. Some of the microorganisms that cause tonsillitis are:

    1. Influenza virus
    2. Adenovirus
    3. Cytomegalovirus
    4. Epstein Barr virus
    5. Herpes simplex virus
    6. Common cold virus.
    7. Streptococcus pyogenes

    Tonsillitis is characterized by its symptoms. Tonsillitis symptoms and treatment would be determined by the doctor. These are:

      1. Fever
      2. Inflamed tonsils
      3. Loss of appetite
      4. Difficulty swallowing
      5. Difficulty in speaking
      6. Throat pain
      7. Ear pain
      8. Bad breath
      9. Headache
      10. Painful blisters on the throat.
      11. Enlarged tonsils in adults

    In children, you can observe an upset stomach and stomach pain as a few of the symptoms.


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    What is the viral tonsillitis treatment?  

    The tonsillitis treatment or the best way to remove tonsil stones is primarily dependent on the causative agent, the bacteria, or the virus. In general, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if you are infected by bacteria, and you will begin feeling better in a couple of days. Other home remedies and treatment for tonsillitis include:

    1. Taking plenty of rest.
    2. High intake of fluids.
    3. Gargling with warm water.
    4. Having lozenges and over-the-counter medication.

    In an extreme case where the patient suffers from recurrent tonsillitis, your doctor may recommend a tonsillectomy wherein the tonsils are removed from the back of the throat. Acute tonsillitis treatment does not involve tonsillectomy. Your doctor may use a scalpel, laser, or radio waves to remove the tonsils. This would reduce the tonsillitis symptoms and treatment. It would be best if you discussed the options and the surgery plan with your doctor before proceeding in for it.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To some extent, there is a possibility of regrowth of the tonsil tissue. During the surgical procedure, if some tissue is left, then the tonsils may regrow partially. Complete regrowth post-tonsillectomy is not possible.
    Tonsillectomy is a relatively safe surgery that is carried out as an out-patient procedure. Despite this, bleeding and dehydration are some of the risks of tonsillectomy. This happens especially when the patient may not frequently hydrate after the surgery. Extreme dehydration may even lead to possible admission to the hospital. The bleeding can happen five to ten days after the surgery. Other minor risks of the surgery include scarring, changes in voice, and breathing issues.
    Bacterial tonsillitis can be characterized by the presence of white spots on the throat alongside the swollen tonsils. Viral tonsillitis does not have any such indications aside from a red and swollen pair of tonsils. Both bacterial tonsillitis treatment and viral tonsillitis treatment differ.
    Strep infection is the infection of the tonsils by the bacterial group A streptococcus. Lack of bacterial tonsillitis treatment can result in an increased risk of several infections such as rheumatic fever, post-streptococcal arthritis, kidney, and scarlet fever inflammation.
    Your doctor can diagnose your infection by a throat swab, a blood test involving a complete blood cell count, and a rash examination. The examination for rash is particularly necessary for bacterial tonsillitis treatment and swollen tonsil treatment.
    Your doctor would recommend sending your blood samples for a complete blood cell count to assess the count of the different types of blood cells and determine the level of infection and the type of infection affecting your body.
    Given that the patient is put under general anesthesia for the procedure, laser tonsillectomy recovery time can take approximately thirty minutes to an hour. In some patients, it may take a longer time to recover from the anesthesia. The patient can head home after the procedure and follow up with the doctor. The laser tonsillectomy cost is affordable with free follow-ups.
    After booking the appointment with the doctor, you must bring in all your medical or your child's medical record. These would help assess and correctly diagnose the condition of the child. In addition to this, you must keep your mouth and nose covered completely to prevent the transfer of the infection from child to child to travel.
    Tonsillectomy is the only treatment procedure for those who have recurrent tonsillitis. Therefore it is not a compulsory treatment if you are suffering from acute tonsillitis.
    The follow-ups post-surgery with the doctor are free of cost, and our team would contact you to help you stay in touch with your doctor. The Tonsillitis surgery cost is made affordable to all patients.
    A discount of 15% can be availed on pharmacy and postoperative health checkups. The surgery itself is quite affordable. The best laser tonsillectomy cost in Chennai is invariably from one of our medical associations. Talk to our staff for more details. The best of enlarged tonsils treatment in Chennai shall be at your service soon.
    The answer to this is quite easy. Depending upon your financial estimate and the severity of your issue, any hospital that we guide you to is a top hospital, for every single one of them is top-notch. Such is the medical network that Treat Pa has.
    Acute tonsillitis treatment in Chennai takes approx 45 minutes to 1 hour. Essentially, a short procedure. Following a discharge on the same day, we will drop you home safely as it is a part of what we do. Oh, and we pick you up too.


    Treatment for Tonsillitis

    Painful tonsillitis, chronically abnormal tonsillitis, and tonsil stones are recurrent by nature and a cure for tonsillitis involves treating these. If you want faster recovery, go for surgery as it lends itself to a faster recovery compared to non-surgical methods. If it gets severe then the sinus will also get affected which might lead to sinusitis, and we are always here to help you in finding the best sinus surgery doctors in Chennai.

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