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IVF Treatment for Pregnancy
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IVF Treatment & Its Types

In-vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, is a set of treatment procedures used to conceive a child. This procedure involves retrieving mature eggs from a woman's ovaries and fertilizing them in a lab with sperm. The fertilized egg or embryo can either be stored or implanted into a woman's uterus. The entire process may take up to three weeks or even longer. IVF treatment for pregnancy is one of the most effective forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and opted by people who cannot conceive a child naturally. Many people even use donor eggs or sperm to conceive a baby through IVF treatment. The gynaecology specialist may also be able to implant the embryos in a surrogate if a woman suffers from uterine problems and is unable to carry the baby.

Apart from the regular IVF fertility treatment, a specialized IVF form known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is available to treat severe male infertility cases. In this procedure, the sperm is directly injected into the mature egg to produce an embryo. The embryo is then implanted back in the uterus or stored.

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About IVF Treatment

  • Stimulation :   The ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs
  • Egg retrieval :   The eggs will be retrieved from an egg containing a follicle in the ovary using a needle and ultrasound. 
  • Insemination :   The doctor will mix the sperm and eggs in a petri dish to produce embryos.
  • Embryo transfer :   Once the embryos are big enough, they are implanted back into the uterus. It is done using a thin tube called a catheter.
  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Blockage in the fallopian tube
  • Inability to produce sperm or loss of functioning of sperm
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Egg retrieval
  • Sperm retrieval
  • Insemination
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer
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Treatment for IVF

The IVF treatment for pregnancy in women will depend on various factors like the parents’ health, age, and fertility. To determine whether or not a person can undergo IVF, the doctor will run various diagnostic tests like blood tests, ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans. Once it is determined that the person is healthy, the doctor will begin with the treatment. There are six steps in IVF treatment – Ovarian hyperstimulation, Egg retrieval, Sperm retrieval, Insemination, Embryo culture, and Embryo transfer. The entire cycle will take about a week or two to complete. After the procedure, if the eggs implant themselves in the uterus, the woman will become pregnant.

The best way to make sure that IVF treatment becomes successful is by following all the doctor’s instructions. You can even connect with us at Treat Pa to find the best IVF hospital in your city and compare the cost of the test tube baby in different hospitals.


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Our healthcare co-ordinator will recommend the surgical center based on your requirements (the complexity of your problem, cost-effectiveness, location where you're present)

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Patient Concierge

We offer pick-up & drop from your location to the hospital along with the medical co-ordinator who'll take care of your admission, discharge & insurance paperwork.

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We ensure that all the surgical centers and clinics we partner with are well-inspected and pass our extensive quality standard checklist that ensures hospitals and clinics are equipped to deliver a hassle-free treatment experience.

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Free follow-ups post-surgery

Before we bid our goodbyes, we recommend our patients utilize the free follow-up consultation with their doctor for instructions on how to recover faster post-surgery and move forward with their daily routine.

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100% Confidential

We strongly believe in ensuring our patient's privacy. One can be extra sure that your experience with us remains 100% Confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have undergone the IVF treatment and the embryo has implanted itself in the uterus, it's essential to rest for a few days. Please take all the medications prescribed by your doctor and follow all the instructions provided by him. Eating a healthy diet and taking a folic acid supplement will also help you to recover faster.
IVF is the most widely used assisted reproductive technology by doctors and can be used in male and female infertility. It is a safe and painless procedure that can be opted by anyone who is trying to conceive a baby.
Yes, IVF treatment is a safe procedure that does not involve making any major cuts or stitches in the body. You will also be given pain medication during the retrieval and transfer of eggs to numb the pain if any. There are a few health complications that may arise due to the medicines, but they are rare.
If you're undergoing IVF treatment, avoid eating processed foods like bread, biscuits, potato chips, etc., or foods high in sugar that may increase your body's sugar levels. You should also avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea and stop alcohol consumption for having a successful treatment.
You can undergo IVF treatment for a baby boy or girl at any age. However, the success rate is higher for women under 35 years of age, but it may even successfully work for women over 40. Consult your doctor to determine whether you can undergo IVF treatment or not.
Your body needs to be fit and healthy to successfully transfer and implant the fertilized egg in the uterus. It is advised to exercise regularly and consume a nutritious diet. You should also reduce stress by practicing meditation and avoid drinking alcohol three to four weeks before the surgery.
To find the best IVF hospital in your city, connect with Treat Pa. At Treat Pa, we partner with some of the best hospitals and clinics that consist of a highly trained gynecologist who can perform an IVF surgery. Our medical coordinator will also help you with the insurance paperwork, and a free concierge to provide pick up and drop facilities on the day of your surgery.
The cost of a test tube baby will vary depending on the hospital you select and the type of IVF treatment you wish to undergo. You can connect with us at Treat Pa to compare the test tube baby price at different hospitals and select the one based on your budget and requirements.
IVF treatment for a baby boy or girl may take up to 3-5 days after the eggs are fertilized. The entire process may take a couple of weeks in total. However, if the baby is not conceived in the first cycle, you may require to undergo another IVF cycle.
No. During IVF treatment, your doctor will give you anesthesia so you won't feel any pain. After the surgery, you may feel sore and experience mild cramps in your abdomen, but they can be managed through pain medications.


In-vitro fertilization fertilizes an egg outside a woman’s body which is then implanted back into the uterus. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common to conceive a baby through IVF. Loise Brown was the first baby to be born with this method in 1978. Since then, over 8 million test tube babies have been conceived to date. Various factors influence the chances of having a baby through IVF. However, so far, the success rate of IVF is high. It has also become a popular and acceptable mode of conception in India.

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Know more about Treat Pa?

Treat Pa is a healthcare startup that has partnered with reputed clinics and hospitals in 10 major cities Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Coimbatore Trichy Madurai Cochin Palakkad Thrissur and Trivandrum. We connect patients with the best and the affordable treatment plan based on their requirements.

Treat Pa neither provides any treatment nor has any hospitals or clinics of its own. We are a hospital aggregator that partners with the best hospitals and clinics and provides the list to each patient to carefully compare and select the best out of it based on their needs (Proximity, Affordability, Reliability).

This list is cautiously prepared by Treat Pa. We recommend the hospitals and clinics that only pass our checklist. Based on the patient's needs, Treat Pa is driven to make sure you have a hassle-free surgical experience that will work within your budget.

We at Treat Pa also provide free concierge services and a post-surgery consultation.

Connect with us to know more about our services and best offers.

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