Best Hospitals for Cataract Surgery in Palakkad

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Cataract Surgery in Palakkad
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Cataract Surgery & Its Types

Most cataracts form over time and affect the vision gradually. Age is a common factor in developing cataracts, while other underlying health conditions and genetics can contribute to the development of cataracts. As the condition progresses, the cloudy area starts to spread over the lens and cuts off the light and results in blurred vision. Cataract surgeries are minor outpatient procedures. It involves removing the clouded lens and replacing it with an artificial lens to become part of the natural eye.

Cataracts types are:

  • Nuclear cataract, where the center of the lens is affected. In this case, it will start with nearsightedness and the lens will get cloudy with time.

  • Cortical cataracts start as white streaks to the outer edge of the lens and progress to the center.

  • A posterior subcapsular cataract is when a small opaque cloud is formed towards the back of the lens. This type of cataract usually progresses fast and affects vision at an early stage.

  • Congenital cataracts are cases where people are born with the condition or develop it early in childhood.
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    About Cataract Surgery

    The stages of cataract can be graded as below:

    • Early cataract – Difficulty in changing from near to far sight along with blurring, cloudiness, and glaring lights.
    • Immature cataract – The proteins begin to collate in the center of the lens. Surgery is still not needed as it can be managed with special glasses and using the right light for certain activities.
    • Mature cataract – The opaqueness of the lens has increased and has spread to the edges of the eye. The eye itself appears milky or white. If the patient is unable to manage, then cataract surgery is recommended.
    • Hyper mature cataract – The lens is fully opaque and has hardened. Removing the lens is more difficult now though leaving it untreated can result in glaucoma.
    • Natural aging 
    • Genetic conditions
    • Medical conditions like diabetes.
    • Lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.
    • Injury to the eye.
    • Usage of steroid-based medication for a long period.
    • Exposure to UV rays.

    The surgery procedures involve:

    • Making an incision to access the inside of the eye
    • Breaking down the cloudy lens and suctioning it out
    • Implanting the artificial lens, which is also called an intraocular lens
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    Best Eye Hospital in Palakkad For Cataract Surgery

    Cataract Surgery Treatment  

    Vision loss due to a cataract cannot be corrected using glasses or lenses. Surgery is the only way to resolve the condition. Cataract operations are one of the safest and most effective procedures. Cataract surgery is performed to take out the cloudy lens and implant a new plastic lens in its place. It is an outpatient procedure and generally does not require hospitalization. Phacoemulsification is the preferred method of cataract removal worldwide. In this procedure, the affected lens is emulsified using ultrasound energy and removed using suction. The new lens is then implanted inside. Using laser technology for this procedure reduces the time of the surgery and the chances of complications. Cataract Eye Surgery Cost in Palakkad could be high for this one reason.

    Cataract surgeries can be done at any stage and need not be only in severe conditions. Patients can opt to have the surgery whenever they are comfortable. It is usually recommended when vision loss starts affecting daily activities. 


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cataract surgery recovery time is generally 8 weeks. The patient must wear sunglasses during these 8 weeks to protect eyes from bright lights. Additionally, medications and eye drops will be prescribed for the recovery period.
    Cataract operation prices in India can range from Rs 40,000 - 60,000. If you opt for laser surgery, the cataract surgery cost could go over a lakh in most hospitals.
    Treat Pa has a medical coordinator who assists the patient with insurance claims and concierge services but Treat Pa does not help patients with financial aid towards the cataract surgery cost.
    Treat Pa has partnered with some of the best medical hospitals and clinics across the nation and allows patients to compare the facilities offered, the doctors on hand, and the prices and also allows the patients to opt for the best under their budget.
    Treat Pa offers a medical concierge service, which offers patients end-to-end assistance at each of their partnered hospitals. These services include a pre-surgery pick-up, checking into the hospital, insurance aid, and drop-off. With Treat Pa’s concierge service, the patient needs to only be present for the procedure and focus on their recovery.
    The results of cataract surgery depend heavily on the case. There are chances of a near full recovery of the patient’s vision but this depends on the stage in which the surgery is performed, how the body responds to the surgery, and the patient’s ability to follow the post-op instructions. The surgery should lead to a significant improvement of the patient's vision.
    No, cataract surgery doesn’t include incisions as the procedure is mostly done with lasers. This surgery doesn’t leave scars on the patient and is considered a minimally intrusive procedure.
    No, this type of surgery is a non-invasive, low-risk operation. It doesn’t require hospitalization and most hospitals ensure the patient leaves on the same day. This can change based on hospital policy and insurance requirements.
    No, while both procedures do use lasers, a cataract procedure is vastly different to laser eye surgery or Lasik. The latter can be used for cosmetic needs but cataract surgery is a medical requirement.
    Yes, Treat Pa’s services include insurance assistance. The medical coordinator will ensure all documentation and insurance procedures are done for the patient in order to help smoothen out the claims process.
    In Palakkad, the cost of cataract treatment depends on a variety of factors, including the type of treatment chosen, as well as the size and area of where the surgery needs to be performed. It could also be determined by the hospital's location and the expertise of the surgeon doing the procedure.
    Patients can contact us for assistance in locating the best cataract surgery hospital in their area. We'll put them in touch with one of our partner hospitals or clinics that specializes in laser treatment. These hospitals provide an outpatient process that is less inconvenient, more comfortable, and results in higher patient satisfaction.
    Treat Pa offers a wide variety of hospitals that provide affordable and customized treatments according to the needs of the person. You can choose the best top-rated hospital that fits your needs and budget. Contact Treat Pa to find the perfect match.


    Best Eye Hospital in Palakkad For Cataract Surgery

    Finding the Best Doctors for Cataract Surgery in Palakkad is a simple thanks to Treat Pa’s broad network of hospitals and clinics. Patients can use the site to evaluate hospitals, specialists, and pricing to discover the best fit for their needs. Patients can utilize the Treat Pa website to locate the Best Treatment For Cataract In Palakkad when they need cataract surgery. Patients can compare different options based on expertise and qualifications at Treat Pa’s partnered hospitals and clinics, which are the top in the field.

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