Best Treatment For Kidney Stones in Palakkad

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Treatment Of Kidney Stone in Palakkad
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Kidney Stone & Its Types

Kidney stones or renal calculi are solid masses that form inside the body. They are hard deposits made of calcium oxalate or other compounds like minerals and salts. They generally occur in the kidneys but may be found in any part of the urinary tract, like the urethra or bladder. It is a very painful condition and leads to different bacterial infections or complications in the urinary tract.

Kidney stones are of four types. They are:

  • Calcium stones: These stones form when there is a high amount of calcium oxalate present in the body. They may also occur due to dehydration or due to high levels of vitamin D in the body.

  • Cystine stones: These stones occur in people with a rare genetic disorder called cystinuria. This disorder makes the kidney excrete an excess of a particular amino acid that forms the stones.

  • Struvite stones: Struvite stones generally occur because of a urinary tract infection (UTI). They grow quickly and seldom show any symptoms.

  • Uric acid stones: Uric acid stones may be caused due to dehydration or a high amount of protein in the body.
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    About Kidney Stone

    The various stages in passing a kidney stone are:

    • Stage 1 :   In this stage, the kidney stone detaches from the kidney. It leads to pain in the abdomen and spasms.
    • Stage 2 :   After detaching, the stone begins passing down through the ureter. It can lead to cuts and tears in the ureter and cause pain whenever the stone moves.
    • Stage 3 :   The stone moves from the ureter into the bladder. An intense urge to urinate frequently may be felt in this stage.
    • Stage 4 :   The stone will then move into the urethra, where it may stay lodged or pass out of the body in urine.
    What are the Causes of Kidney Stone?
    • Family history
    • Drinking less amount of water
    • High blood sugar
    • Obesity
    • Consuming a high amount of animal protein
    • Polycystic kidney disease
    • Constant irritation in your bowel
    Symptoms for Kidney Stone
    • Pain while urinating
    • Severe pain in your lower back or abdomen
    • Pink or red-colored urine
    • Frequent urination
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Fever
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    Best Treatment For Kidney Stones in Palakkad

    Treatment For Kidney Stone

    There are several procedures available for the treatment of kidney stones. If they are small, the doctor may provide medications to dissolve them so that they can pass on their own. In the case of larger stones, surgical procedures like shock wave lithotripsy, ureteroscopy, laser treatment, and open surgery are available.

    The doctor will select the treatment option based on the size and the location of the stone. The doctor may perform ureteroscopy for the treatment of a renal stone, whereas bladder stone treatment generally uses laser or shock wave lithotripsy.

    At Treat Pa, you can compare the kidney stone operation price at different hospitals and select the treatment plan best suited to your needs. They are most commonly discovered in the kidneys, but they can also be found in any region of the urinary system that is treated by a urology specialist, and in that case, we could help you in finding the Best Treatment For Kidney Stone in Palakkad


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, there are various ways to get rid of kidney stones without surgery. You can consult a homeopathic, allopathic, or ayurvedic doctor who may help you treat stones in the kidney. However, these treatments will work only in the case of smaller stones. For larger stones, surgery is the only option.
    Drinking less amount of water is one of the main factors responsible for kidney stones. If you have kidney stones, make sure you drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water each day. Drinking a good amount of water is the best way to flush the stones out of your body and prevent new ones from forming.
    There are various treatment options available to cure kidney stones. However, Laser treatment and shock wave lithotripsy are the best treatment options for them. They are minimally invasive (which means that there are no cuts or scars involved), painless, and generally safe procedures to treat kidney stones.
    If you are suffering from kidney stones, avoid eating foods rich in oxalates like nuts, spinach, beets, chocolate, and tea. Maintain a low salt intake and eat less animal protein. You should also avoid consuming junk and processed foods as they may contribute to the formation of stones.
    Yes, if the stones are left untreated for a long time, they may damage the kidneys. The blockage in kidneys due to the stones may also cause urine to build up in the kidney and swell. Large stones may also cause a gradual loss of functioning in the kidneys.
    Yes, the kidney stones may cause a blockage in the kidneys leading to an obstruction in the flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder. It may lead to a urinary tract infection. Also, kidney stones may rub against the bladder and the urinary tract walls, making them prone to bacterial infections.
    The best way to prevent kidney stones naturally is by drinking lots of water daily. Consuming a diet rich in calcium and consists of different fruits and green leafy vegetables may also help prevent stones in your kidneys.
    For smaller stones, medicines like pain relievers and alkalizing agents alone may dissolve and treat the stones. For larger stones, medicines along with surgery or laser and shock treatment may be necessary to break and expel them from your body.
    Laser operation for kidney stones uses high-intensity laser beams to break the stones in the kidneys. This procedure does not cause any pain and does not require any cuts or stitches making it extremely safe. You can compare the laser operation for kidney stone costs from various hospitals on our website and select the best-suited treatment plan for your needs.
    Yes, kidney stones in women during pregnancy are a common occurrence. Smaller stones in pregnant women may not be a cause of concern and can be cured through medicines. However, pregnant women may not be allowed to undergo laser or lithotripsy treatment for larger stones.
    The cost of operating a kidney stone in Palakkad is determined by a number of factors, including the type of therapy chosen and the size and severity of the kidney stones. It could also be influenced by the location of the hospital and the surgeon doing the procedure.
    Patients can get in touch with us for help finding the best kidney stone hospital in their area. We'll connect them with a laser therapy specialist at one of our partner hospitals or clinics. These hospitals offer an outpatient procedure that is less inconvenient, more comfortable, and more patient-friendly.
    Treat Pa has a large number of hospitals that give reasonable and personalized treatments based on the individual's needs. You have the option of selecting the greatest top-rated hospital that meets your requirements and budget. Treat Pa can help you find the ideal match.


    Treatment Of Kidney Stone in Palakkad

    Non-surgical method — If you have a little kidney stone, this is the simplest and safest procedure recommended by your doctor. It will take about 4-6 weeks for it to totally cure. The cure for making the kidney stone disintegrate and pass through the urine is to drink plenty of water and take drugs.

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