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Diabetic Foot Treatment in Palakkad
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Diabetic Foot Ulcer & Its Types

A diabetic foot ulcer is one of the complications faced by patients who suffer from long-term diabetes. All diabetic patients are at risk of getting foot ulcers if their diabetes is not kept under control. Additional risk factors such as alcohol consumption, tobacco usage, and diabetes, could increase the likelihood of development as well. Diabetic patients are susceptible to lower extremity arterial disease which causes the poor blood circulation in the tissues. This results in the tissues breaking down, leaving the foot unprotected and susceptible to ulcers. Untreated ulcers can get infected and lead to conditions that are more severe.
There are different types or stages of diabetic conditions which cause diabetic foot ulcers. Identifying this is the first step to diabetic foot treatment.

  • Neuropathic foot is when peripheral diabetic neuropathy causes fissures, edema, and necrosis.

  • Ischemic ulcers are caused due to peripheral artery disease but not necessarily by peripheral diabetic neuropathy.

  • Neuroischemic foot is caused by occlusive vascular disease. In this case, the patient will have both diabetic neuropathy as well as ischemia.
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    About Diabetic foot ulcer

    Development of diabetic foot presents in 5 stages. 

    • Normal foot – At this stage, it is crucial to prevent the development of ulcers by following good foot hygiene and wearing appropriate footwear.
    • High-risk foot – The foot will present risk factors like ischemia, neuropathy, swelling, or calluses. 
    • Ulcerated foot – Ulcers develop on the neuropathic foot or neuro-ischemic foot.
    • Infected foot – Immediate and urgent assessment followed by surgical drainage and debridement should happen at this stage.
    • Necrotic foot – If ulcers are left untreated at stage 4, an infection can progress to cause necrosis.

    Some of the causes of diabetic foot ulcers are:

    • Poor blood circulation 
    • Nerve damage
    • Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar
    • Hypertension
    • Venous insufficiency
    • Wounds, blisters, and sores on feet
    • Alcohol consumption

    The most common symptoms of diabetic foot ulcers are:

    • Swelling, discoloration, irritation, and pain
    • Fever and chills
    • Firm and calloused skin around the wounded area
    • Odorous discharge from the wound
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    diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Palakkad

    Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer 

    Doctors will recommend methods of treatment for diabetic feet and diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Palakkad depending on the severity of the case that is determined through a series of examinations. The simplest treatment plan is called off-loading, which involves the removal or reduction of pressure off the wound by taking the weight off the foot. In some cases, antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent and control infections. Diabetic foot ulcer treatment also involves debridement, which is a medical procedure to remove dead or infected tissue that forms the ulcer. The debrided wound is covered with bandages which are changed every day. There are different types of dressings available to treat diabetic ulcers. 

    There are also certain surgical options to treat foot ulcers that are caused by poor blood circulation. Atherectomy is a surgical procedure that makes the arteries wider by clearing out plaque, cholesterol, and calcium. The surgery might be followed by angioplasty to keep blood vessels open.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Diabetic foot ulcers may be caused due to various causes like low blood circulation in the feet, irritation, trauma, or deformities. Patients suffering from diabetes might develop neuropathy over time which could lead to a lack of feeling in the feet. Vascular diseases can cause poor circulation in the feet and affect the body's ability to heal which increases the chances of infection.
    The key is to heal any wound in the foot before it becomes infected. It is crucial to control the blood sugar levels, clean and bandage the wounds, and wear appropriate footwear in order to prevent infection. In the case of infections, the treatment options include medication, wound care, and surgical methods.
    Regular visits to a podiatrist to get the feet examined are highly recommended. Early assessment can help control risk factors that can cause foot ulcers in diabetic patients. Reducing smoking, alcohol consumption, and blood sugar levels can also help prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Learning to check the feet regularly and maintaining foot hygiene is key to the prevention of foot ulcers.
    The price of the diabetic foot treatment depends on the treatment required and the hospital offering the treatment. Treat Pa provides a comprehensive comparison of the various options for diabetic foot ulcer treatment which includes the price points of the said options. Patients can choose the hospital that suits their budget.
    The most common symptoms of diabetic foot ulcer are as follows: Wound or injuries without pain Numbness or tingling sensation Redness and swelling Discharges from wounds Fever and chills
    Diabetic foot ulcer treatment and healing could take several weeks to months depending on the severity of the wound and infection if any. The recovery time also depends on the treatment recommended by the specialist. A course of antibiotics will need a shorter recovery period than surgical intervention. Healing time is also based on factors like wound size, location, and blood glucose level.
    Yes. The medical coordinator at Treat Pa will help patients to process their insurance in order to cover the diabetic foot ulcer treatment price. Treat Pa will ensure that the right documents are filed and processed and will also take care of any follow-up required with the insurance company. The patient only has to provide their policy number and their insurance provider details and Treat Pa will take care of the rest.
    The treatment of diabetic foot ulcers varies depending on the type of ulcers and their severity. The medical coordinator will access these factors and develop a treatment plan suited to the patient. Some treatments will not require an overnight stay at the hospital. However, surgical interventions might need a hospital stay especially since the underlying medical condition of diabetes is serious.
    Diabetic foot refers to conditions that affect the feet of diabetics if left unmanaged. These include diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. The treatment of diabetic feet involves addressing these two issues. In the former, there is no cure and it can be managed only by controlling the blood sugar levels. In the case of the latter, the arteries to the foot can be cleaned and widened to increase blood circulation.
    The pain levels associated with diabetic foot treatment depend on the severity of the condition along with the type of treatment administered. The pain will reduce in a few days and can also be managed with medicines. The medical coordinator will work with the patient to ensure a smooth recovery.
    In Palakkad, the cost of diabetic foot injury cost treatment depends on a variety of factors, including the type of treatment chosen, as well as the size and area of where the surgery needs to be performed. It could also be determined by the hospital's location and the expertise of the surgeon doing the procedure.
    Patients can contact us for assistance in locating the diabetic foot ulcer Injury Hospital In Palakkad in their area. We'll put them in touch with one of our partner hospitals or clinics that specializes in laser treatment. These hospitals provide an outpatient process that is less inconvenient, more comfortable, and results in higher patient satisfaction.
    Treat Pa offers a wide variety of hospitals that provide affordable and customized treatments according to the needs of the person. You can choose the best top-rated hospital that fits your needs and budget. Contact Treat Pa to find the perfect match.


    Best Diabetic Foot Ulcers Surgery Doctors in Palakkad

    Foot infections are prevalent in diabetics, and the treatment strategy is determined on the severity of the problem. Infections of the feet can be mild, moderate, or severe. Before the infection worsens, the infected wounds should be treated right away. There are many clinics and hospitals in Palakkad that treat foot ulcers, and many of them are affiliated with us and have top specialists.

    Diabetic And Ortho Foot Care in Palakkad 

    The doctor will proceed with surgery based on the results of the test and grade level. The following are some of the surgeries for diabetic foot ulcers:

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