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facelift surgery in palakkad
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What is Facelift and What are its Types?

A facelift is considered the most comprehensive approach that helps you to get a more youthful look, by treating your sagging skin and facial wrinkles. The facelift surgical procedure varies from minimally invasive procedures to the most extensive procedures. In this excess skin from the face and neck is removed and the underlying tissues and muscles are tightened.

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About Facelift

Stage 1Anesthesia Is Given

Stage 2 Incisions are Carried Out

Stage 3Muscle and Tissue Are Relocated and Stiffened

Stage 4 Excessive Skin Is Clipped Away

Stage 5– Incisions Are Closed

Stage 6Dressing is Removed in the Second Week

Stage 7 After Care Instructions

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Step 2 –Traditional facelift incision

Step 3 – Followed by limited incision

Step 4 – And at last neck lift is done

Step 5 – Incisions are closed

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best face lift treatment in Palakkad

What is the Treatment For Facelift Procedure?

Several surgical and non-surgical treatments are carried out for facelifts. It is Treat Pa’s job to suggest to you the best aesthetic clinics in your location for a hair transplant, gynecomastia, liposuction, and facelift surgery in Palakkad. For non-surgical procedures, an ultrasound skin tightening procedure is followed where the ultrasound energy is carried that heats the specific area and depth of the skin. This is done to induce the production of collagen and make skin smooth and firm. It is also known as ultra therapy, which is cleared by the FDA for the muscle tissue elevation treatment of brows, neck, chin, and chest. Radiofrequency treatment is also carried out that triggers the collagen production in the face, helping the tissues to rise, making the skin look firm, smooth, and young.

For surgical treatment, small incisions are made on facial aesthetics, known as traditional facelift incisions, also known as a mini facelifts. This procedure is done to help the facial muscles relax so that the next step to full-face rejuvenation can be followed. Then neck lift is done to remove the sagging skin and the fat collected beneath the neck.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have excessive skin sagging, but are in good overall health, then you are considered to be at the right age. However, the average patients are in the age bracket of the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s for facelift surgery, but in several cases, people above their 70’s or 80’s have also gone under successful face lifting treatments.
Remember, a facelift will never stop your face from aging. It is a procedure that can only improve your appearance. In a facelift, several factors are considered like bone structure, skin texture, heredity, skin sagging, sun exposure, tobacco history, and so on. These factors play a critical role to see how long it will last.
Today several multispecialty hospitals have well-versed and experienced surgeons that perform incredible facelift surgery. A facelift is a delicate procedure, and only an experienced surgeon can pull out the best and seamless surgery. Treat Pa is associated with top-notch aesthetic centers to help you find the best facelift treatment specialty and specialist.
Facelift surgical procedures can be for semi-facelift and full facelift. Thus, based on the type of treatment you are opting for the price will vary. The mini facelift procedure can cost between 1 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs, whereas a full thread facelift cost is around 2 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs.
All cosmetic treatments are carried out differently. Surgeons who take everything precisely believe that it depends on the type of procedure you are going under and the experience of a surgeon. Moreover, a simple facelift procedure can take from two to four hours, but some can even take more than that.
A facelift procedure is not made to modify the structure of the upper third of the face. If you are looking to reduce the frown lines around your eyes and forehead, then you need to brow lift or eyelid lift surgery. A facial rejuvenation procedure is conducted after the surgeon examines the aesthetics of your face.
Firstly, the surgeon will review your facial aesthetics, so based on that the surgeon can make a plan to mark incisions. When the incisions are sited behind your hairline, then some quantity of hair is shaved. In the end, the skin is tightened up, the shaved area is removed, resulting in no hair missing.
You will be advised for proper bed rest with the head elevated and most of your activities will be restricted. Moreover, you will be advised to not stress much after a week of surgery. As advised by your surgeon, in a few days your dressing will be removed, and you will be provided with aftercare instructions.
For 2 to 5 days, after the surgery, you will feel some amount of pain. Also, you might be facing trouble opening your mouth for a couple of days. Your skin around the incision made will feel numb and frequent itching or shooting pains every now and then will occur.
Unless your lower face features such as smile or dimples aren’t addressed with the surgery, there is no need to worry about any such change. Tightening of the skin requires a direct approach of the facial muscles and desired skin area, so nothing will affect the unaddressed aesthetics of your face.
In Palakkad, the cost of facelift surgery depends on a variety of factors, including the type of treatment chosen, as well as the size and area of where the surgery needs to be performed. It could also be determined by the hospital's location and the expertise of the surgeon doing the procedure.
Patients can contact us for assistance in locating the best facelift surgery hospital in their area. We'll put them in touch with one of our partner hospitals or clinics that specializes in laser treatment. These hospitals provide an outpatient process that is less inconvenient, more comfortable, and results in higher patient satisfaction.
Treat Pa offers a wide variety of hospitals that provide affordable and customized treatments according to the needs of the person. You can choose the best top-rated hospital that fits your needs and budget. Contact Treat Pa to find the perfect match.


Best facelift treatment in Palakkad

The most common consequence of facelift surgery is a buildup of blood under the skin that causes swelling and discomfort. Hematoma formation, which usually happens within 24 hours after surgery, is addressed with surgery as soon as possible to prevent harm to the skin and other tissues. The operation of neck liposuction is done to target disproportionate fat in the neck and jowls. With Treat Pa on your side, finding the best lipo therapy in Palakkad would be a lot easier.

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Treat Pa is a healthcare startup that has partnered with reputed clinics and hospitals in 10 major cities Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Coimbatore Trichy Madurai Cochin Palakkad Thrissur and Trivandrum. We connect patients with the best and the affordable treatment plan based on their requirements.

Treat Pa neither provides any treatment nor has any hospitals or clinics of its own. We are a hospital aggregator that partners with the best hospitals and clinics and provides the list to each patient to carefully compare and select the best out of it based on their needs (Proximity, Affordability, Reliability).

This list is cautiously prepared by Treat Pa. We recommend the hospitals and clinics that only pass our checklist. Based on the patient's needs, Treat Pa is driven to make sure you have a hassle-free surgical experience that will work within your budget.

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